“What can I do to help Syria?”




Well, after educating yourself and advocating for the rights of the Syrian people in their fight for freedom against a brutal dictatorship as well as naming and holding accountable those who aid the Assad regime such as Iran, Hezbollah and Russia among others, *breathes*, you can help by donating to any of the organisations/groups listed below. 

These groups mainly help on the ground in Syria providing aid; be it medical or psychological as well as food and clothes to those in need.

SAMS Foundation: the foundation works with Syrian American health care professionals and operates 106 medical facilities throughout Syria

Doctors Without Borders (also known as MSF): the organisation provides front-line medical treatment as well as providing drugs, medical supplies and equipment

Questscope: the organisation’s work is mostly centered on providing immediate trauma support and psychosocial counseling

Save the Children: the organisation is on the ground in Syria and in refugee communities providing children and their families with warm clothes, shelters, clean water and emergency care

Syrian Civil Defense (also known as The White Helmets): they are about 3,000 neutral, impartial and humanitarian Syrian volunteers who operate as first responders in rebel-held areas across the country. They were recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Karam Foundation: the organisations is focused on educational opportunities for Syrian children, currently raising funds to rebuild schools in Syria.

NuDay Syria: the organisation’s mission focuses on bringing housing and food to displaced families with single mothers or wounded family members. They are especially concerned with the lack of safe shelter and living for single mothers with daughters.

Hand in Hand for Syria: the organisation provides aid including food, clothing, water, sanitation and crucial medical assistance 

According to the United Nations, there are almost 14 million Syrian refugees around the world (so far) in need of humanitarian aid. The groups below are mainly focused on helping Syrian refugees:

Migrant Offshore Aid Station: this charity exists to save children like Alan Kurdi, with a fleet of rescue boats patrolling the Mediterranean to save migrants lost at sea.

Refugees Welcome: dubbed as a kind of “Airbnb for refugees” this German nonprofit matches people with spare rooms with refugees in need of housing. If you don’t have a spare bed in Germany.

The Worldwide Tribe in Calais: a group of social activists documenting stories in the Calais migrant camp, they also raise relief funds.  

Small Projects Istanbul: the initiative provides classes and cultural enrichment and scholarships to Syrian children in Turkey.

International Medical Corps: they run a service center for Syrian refugees that provides medical care, classes and job training.

Medical Teams International: the organisation focuses on health and dental care for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. 

Mercy Corps: the group provides direct aid to Syrian refugees in the form of food and supplies, and by increasing access to clean water and sanitation, shelters, and safe spaces and activities for children

Shelterbox: the group has been providing emergency shelter and supplies to families affected by the Syrian crisis in Iraq Kurdistan, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, including clothing, stoves and, water filters.

UNICEF: the UN agency focuses on assisting Syrian children by providing healthcare, nutrition, immunization, water and sanitation, and classes.

Oxfam: the nonprofit provides aid to Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan such as clean water, sanitation services, and hygiene education to help ward of cholera and other intestinal diseases.

Yes, donating won’t stop barrel bombs from falling on besieged civilian areas (that comes by being vocal about Assad’s crimes) but it can definitely help create a start.

Speaking of educating yourselves, an initiative called Syria Social Campaign would send you one or two articles concerning Syria each week! You only have to submit your email address.

I have also found a more detailed list of things you can do to help aside from donations made by Syrian Solidarity Committee. I highly recommend going through it as it has many excellent recommendations.

Here’s the Syria Solidarity Calendar for those who would like to take part in solidarity events around the world