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“Me and my friend Camila.” Behind the scenes on tour with Charli XCX. Photo by Charli XCX for W magazine.

sarahpotempa ❤️ @camila_cabello ❤️ #behindthescenes with these beautiful girls prepping for #festivaldetedequebec ✨


@Camila_Cabello: AVE MARIAAAA!!!! un momento magico!! @davidbisbal 💙✨💙✨💙 📸 @MyiPop

camila_cabello 💜✨ #NeverBeTheSameTour 📸 @christiegoodwin

@Camila_Cabello thank you so much all of you guys who came to the European leg of the #neverbethesametoureurope , my heart is yours- thank you for making this such a magical experience 💜✨😢

camila_cabello David’s album was my OBSESSION when i was growing up- when I first moved to Miami I had his album in my little spongebob CD player and would tell all my friends about him, the album was incredible pop melodies but with the soul of Spanish music and not to mention his INSANE VOICE, cantando con el fue un honor!!! @davidbisbal ,eres increíble! LA GENTE SE FLIPOOOOOOOO


@Camila_Cabello: isle of wight 🌸

@Camila_Cabello: isle of wight 🌸