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@Camila_Cabello: celebrating 1 billion streams…

@Camila_Cabello: celebrating 1 billion streams i decided to put out a live version of Havana from my London show, this is one of my favorites to perform live and never gets old  #HavanaLive 🌹🌹

@Camila_Cabello: when your crush* looks over a…

@Camila_Cabello: when your crush* looks over at you and you’re trying to look cute but casual


@Camila_Cabello: animal instincts

@Camila_Cabello: animal instincts

@Camila_Cabello: oh my god thank u @peoplescho…

@Camila_Cabello: oh my god thank u @peopleschoice !! we got 3 #PCAs nominations !!! VOTE VOTE VOTE

@Camila_Cabello: *crying internally because i’…

@Camila_Cabello: *crying internally because i’m finally home* i love you Miami

@Camila_Cabello: you’ve bitten my legs, hands,…

@Camila_Cabello: you’ve bitten my legs, hands, and even one time my nipple, but i know it’s only because you don’t know your own strength yet. you’re just a baby and i love you (even though I’m afraid you’re lethal) happy first #NationalDogDay2018 thunder ❤️ PS. Please chill out

Camila and Ariana calling each other ‘wife’ at…

Camila and Ariana calling each other ‘wife’ at the VMAs [2016 / 2018]

Camila x Thunder

Camila x Thunder