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@Camila_Cabello: only available until midnight ET tonight ❤️

@variety 🖤

@Camila_Cabello: write it on my neck… and i won’t erase it

@Camila_Cabello: “I may appear to be free… but I’m just a prisoner of your love”

@MarkRonson: ‘put up a fight to find u’. who will find our hero Camila first? the hunt begins tomorrow @ 4pm UK/8am PST… FIND U AGAIN premiere here:  💔 @Camila_Cabello

@Camila_Cabello: Thinking wistfully of jamon croquetas and pan con mantequilla

@Camila_Cabello: ❤️

@Camila_Cabello: me asking Shawn if he will ever learn the lyrics to the bridge of IKWYDLS

@Camila_Cabello: *looks put together* *going thru internal shit storm*